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Sports play a vital role not only just as an entertainment but also as a career in players’ lives. One of them is Aussie rule football which is been widely played and renowned game in Australia. There are two teams an oval field; each is consisting of 18 players trying to kick the ball between other team’s goalpost, with kicking and handballing; the team scoring more points, wins the game. It is fast and skillful game

Football is one of the most popular and the most played game in Australia. Most of the countries having their own leagues respective to different games they played the most. The Australian Football Leagues (AFL) is the renowned governing body of spots in Australia and only professional competition held among other Australian football leagues. It not only organizes games among 18 domestic teams but is also responsible for controlling laws of games. Most popular teams of AFL are Collingwood, West Coast Eagles and Richmond. West coast eagle were the last champions of the premiership. Toyota is its official sponsor of AFL recently but Nisan, Coca Cola and Elder’s IXL also sponsored it in previous time. Australian Football League ranks fourth across the world in having the maximum spectators. There is also an official AFL store where football lovers and its fans can buy their favorite AFL merchandise online and clothing.

Football is one of those few games which not only men can play but women are also seen interested in this game with the same enthusiasm. Games inculcate in women the higher levels of self-confidence, and make them less depressed. Football, therefore, provides the women a platform where they can show the world their diverse leadership and their sense of competence.

 AFL started with aim to keep the players fit during off season, but becomes a national sporting organization for Australian football. AFL is one of the wealthiest sporting organizations in Australia. In Melbourne Cricket Ground AFL Grand finale is held on annual basis where the attendance is at its highest in the world. This sport played around the world with many variations to encourage more participants in this game. Auskick which is played by kids aged from 5 to 12 , Kick to Kick which is not a sport but normally played with the rule of kick and catch and many other competitions held like longest kick competition  and handball. Even in school grounds and play areas children use to play these games and families also motivate their kids to join a club. These are all to make them prepare to participate in Australian football in near future. Many categories they introduced in club such as junior’s AFL, senior AFL and womens football etc. to promote their sport in and outside the country.

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